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With our expertise in resolving issues affecting the workplace, Validium has developed a range of interventions to enhance organisations’ performance and tackle difficulties.  Each service is tailored for the organisation’s requirements, existing provision and constraints. 

Tailored, cost-effective services which enhance engagement and effectiveness:

  • Training – Mental health in the workplace, developing resilience, handling difficult conversations, psychological first aid, stress management, when home comes to work, post incident support
  • Mediation / Conflict Resolution – 1:1 and group mediations, investigations and conflict management e.g. advisor networks, avoiding formal procedures, reducing conflict costs 
  • Change Management / Outplacement / Coaching – Breaking bad news, 1:1 coaching, outplacement portal, onsite job shops and workshops on managing change, job search and pre-retirement 
  • Resilience Building / Stress Management – Resilience building for teams / individuals, audits and risk assessment, and stress management training
  • Wellbeing – Wellbeing days, onsite therapies (e.g. massage, reflexology) and workshops (e.g. healthy eating, work/life balance, relaxation)

 For a free consultation on how Validium's training and other services can benefit your organisation, please contact us

Customer Stories

Unipart manages pressure positively

Unipart manages pressure positively

When Unipart, a leading logistics and manufacturing company, set about putting in place a strategic wellbeing strategy as part of its focus on employee engagement, training managers to help employees manage their pressure positively became a key part of the solution…

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Boost Workplace Performance

Boost Workplace Performance

In an ideal world, every employee would be able to leave their personal life at home and focus 100% on their job. The reality is that, whether it’s personal debt, divorce, care issues, workplace bullying or anxiety about managing others, employees distracted by worries or concerns cannot perform fully at work.

Committed to working in partnership with HR to measurably improve the value of people to the organisation, Validium can help you boost productivity by supporting your people with our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This provides employees with 24/7 confidential access to fully accredited counsellors and information specialists.

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