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Psychological Services

Half of all absent employees have been off work for more than six weeks.

While an EAP is effective with self-referred cases, a strategic clinical intervention is sometimes required for more complex cases concerning more serious or longer-term psychological issues.

Often, such cases are a real problem for the business to deal with in terms of the cost, the impact on work and the difficulty in gaining a resolution. Validium’s clinically qualified psychological rehabilitation specialists offer no charge initial consultation on the management and treatment options for the work impact of issues such as anxiety, complex bereavement, stress, chronic fatigue and depression.

Validium’s workplace expertise ensures that our specialist, psychological treatments are then tailored to the organisation’s requirements as well as the individual’s situation. Solutions can include return to work programmes, a range of psychological assessments (e.g. fitness for work, neuro-psychological), post-trauma rehabilitation, pain management and psychological interventions (e.g. CBT) to resolve work issues such as absence, performance or behavioural problems.

This service delivers resolution for the organisation and the employee resulting in a visible and positive return on investment.

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If you want to find out how to refer an employee to our service or how the service works click on the video below

Customer Stories

County council successfully pilot psychological assessments

County council successfully pilot psychological assessments

“Validium gave us a very clear picture of the individual’s health in relation to work and suggested adjustments for the employee, their manager and HR to talk through.”

Paddy Lorenzen, Occupational Health and Well-being Manager at Norfolk County Council

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Optimise Vitality

Optimise Vitality

The health and ability of your workers to attend and perform at work is one of your most important business drivers. It pays to energise workers and invest in their physical wellbeing, to motivate them to release their full potential.

Optimise Vitality leads to a more vitalised and productive workforce, reduced absence, and increased creativity. We will work with you to create a bespoke package for your organisation after consultation to understand your priorities and share benchmarking data to help you identify which health risks your organisation is at most risk of developing.

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