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Critical Incident Management Services 

If not handled correctly, a traumatic incident can quickly escalate into a public relations disaster.

Exposure to any traumatic incident can prove deeply damaging to employees. Critical to limiting any long-term damage and protecting your reputation as an employer is deploying an appropriate response, based on the principles of psychological first aid.

Our team has a wealth of experience in working with a wide range of organisations with employees requiring a great variety of support. Examples of this have included support to employees in the oil and gas industry following explosions, helicopter incidents and hostage taking; support to employees in high street banks following raids and assaults, assistance to manufacturing and construction workers after accidents and injuries and support to call centre staff following the tragic and sudden death of colleagues.

Our aim is always to understand the culture and context of the organisation and offer trauma support solutions that seamlessly merge into business continuity planning and the existing networks of colleague and manager collaboration. Our solutions include the following:

  • Immediate response to an incident, including onsite visits and post trauma counselling to those affected
  • Individual psychological assessment and counselling
  • 24-7 trauma helpline with access to qualified trauma specialists
  • Strategic consultancy covering the human aspects of a crisis
  • Disaster planning and training on breaking bad news, managing incidents and building the resilience of teams to deal with an incident
  • Information leaflets, trauma management tool-kits and e-learning packs

For a free consultation on the cost implications of establishing a trauma management strategy to meet your business needs, please contact us

Customer Stories

Oracle boosts employee wellbeing through resilience

Oracle boosts employee wellbeing through resilience

“After completing the workshops, employees feel empowered to make profound changes to their lives to increase their emotional health.” 

Michelle Bradshaw, Compensation and Benefits Director for Oracle UK Ltd 

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Reduce Workplace Stress

Reduce Workplace Stress

The Validium Reduce Stress solution educates managers to recognise the signs that an employee is close to the limit of their ability to handle pressure and provides them with the knowledge and the skills to offer a supportive and co-operative response.

The aim isn’t to turn managers into counsellors, but instead to teach them how to identify people in need of help and direct them towards appropriate support, before the problem escalates. Managers quickly see the benefits of a proactive response to stress, for the organisation, for themselves, for their team, and for their individual team members.

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