Holistic Mental Health

One in four people in the UK will suffer from issues related to their mental health at some point in their lives. Whether these issues are work-related or from life outside, Validium offer a compassionate, proactive approach, exemplary clinical expertise and a digital-first platform, to enable better support for those using our service.


Mental Health Support Programmes

One in four people in the UK will have a mental health problem at some point. And while these problems will often not be work-related, the truth is they will affect people’s happiness, wellbeing and productivity in all areas of life, including at work.

A Mental Health Support Programme (formerly Employee Assistance Programme) is an invaluable tool for ensuring that good mental health is promoted and facilitated in an organisation, promoting employee wellbeing and ultimately minimising the impact of mental health problems on employee’s work.

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Validium's Mental Health Support Programmes

At Validium, our Mental Health Support Programmes are a longstanding product used by companies and insurers to better support the mental health of their employees and communities.

We offer comprehensive UK-wide and international programmes to suit all customers and provide their services users with access to a confidential, 24-hour, 365-days-a-year resource. The service provides a vehicle for employees to address their issues or concerns in a confidential space, supported by the highest quality clinical expertise.

Our Mental Health Support Programme has a number of different elements including counselling services which can be confidential and short-term or longer-term and tailored to an individual’s specific needs, over the phone, in-person or via text and chat interfaces. Other elements include work/life services including legal, financial, manager support and childcare & eldercare.

Benefits of the service

Holistic support

The Mental Heath Support Programme can help address issues that might be arising in any area of a service user's life, not just work-related concerns. As part of HealthHero group it can also function alongside other clinical and medical support to ensure all individual health needs are met and they are working to the best of their ability.

Self-care to professional care

Not only does the programme mean service users are given access to the best clinical expertise coupled with the latest in digital convenience - but the tools it gives them allows them to build more capability to serve their own mental health needs, ultimately building a happier, more resilient team.

Increased productivity

Mental Health counselling has been proven to decrease work stress and increase productivity. At a time when one in four people in the UK suffer from a mental health issue, coupled with the stress of the COVID-19 pandemic, organisations cannot afford to ignore the benefits of Mental Health Support Programme.

Case studies

case study

Mental Health Support Programmes

How our Programmes have helped to improve lives and support organisations.

“It’s helped that we’ve had a Mental Health Support Programme in place from Validium since 2008. It’s a brave thing for our people to tell someone they need help, so it’s often easier for them to talk to Validium in confidence first.”

Lorna Gavin, Head of Corporate Responsibility at International Law Firm

Psychological Services

Mental health issues like stress and anxiety account for 40% of all sickness absences.

While Mental Health Support Programmes are very effective support for self-referred cases, more strategic clinical intervention is sometimes required where cases are complex or concern serious or longer-term psychological issues.

Validium’s Psychological Services

The reality of mental health issues and wellbeing is that rarely are causes and concerns confined to one aspect of a person’s life, like work or home, but instead felt across all aspects. With complex or serious psychological issues employers and insurers can struggle to identify and provide the right route for support, ultimately costing them time and money.

For instances where employees and members need access to additional support beyond the counselling services provided in the Mental Health Support Programmes, Validium’s psychological services can step in. We offer a no-charge initial consultation after which personalised recommendations are made to help combat the impact of issues like anxiety, bereavement, stress, chronic fatigue, depression, pain management and fitness for work.

These services include speciality therapies like Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT), and the tools and support offered are centred around each person and driven very much by their needs. Some services are escalated depending on the individual and others are proactively recommended by employers.

Benefits of the service


All our practitioners in Psychological Services are clinically qualified psychological rehabilitation specialists offering you and your service users the best and most tailored treatment plans for their complex psychological issues.

High Employee Retention

Almost half of employees (45.6%) would look to move jobs if their employer didn’t provide enough support in relation to their mental health. Supporting your employees through complex medical issues is not something you can afford to overlook, not only do employees lacking support perform badly overall, you might end up losing them and having to spend more money, time and training to replace them.

Bespoke solutions

Every Validium customer has a dedicated customer relationship manager who works closely with them to understand the culture of the organisation and what services are needed to support its employees.

Critical Incident Management Service

Sometimes events happen in the workplace which have a big and wide-reaching impact on employees, and require on-the-ground support to be deployed as soon as possible to help mitigate this impact.

Validium’s trained teams provide rapid response to individuals after a critical incident in the workplace, in response to a trauma request from our clients. Our team is trained to de-escalate emergency situations, provide individual employee support and help employers find the correct course of action.

In the event of a critical incident

Our critical incident management services can be used by companies that wish to support employees through experiences such as redundancy processes, or after traumatic events on the ground, for instance in organisations that

operate on railways or construction sites where injury and fatalities can occur. The services provided include one-to-one trauma coaching and life coaching and post-accident/incident psychological rehabilitation.

Benefits of the service

First response

No matter the situation our critical incident management services are ready to be deployed as soon as we receive a trauma request from our clients.


Emotions and tensions can run high during and after a critical incident. Our team is trained to de-escalate the situation, providing individual employees with the support they need to get through the incident, and employers with the support needed to navigate a path forward, no matter the situation.

Trained response

Our team provides expert support and guidance through what are often difficult situations and processes, with Validium’s team you need never be at a loss for how to support your employees during or after an emergency.

Case studies

case study

Critical Incident Management

How we've helped organisations find the correct course of action after a critical incident

“Validium’s clinical expertise has brought a demonstrable decrease in the time taken to rehabilitate employees after a workplace accident or exposure to a traumatic event. Critical to their success is devising a return-to-work programme to get the employee back to work in a way that supports, rather than hinders, recovery.”

Spencer McCabe, Medical Management Centre Manager at Zurich Insurance

Training & Resilience

With our expertise in resolving issues affecting a range of organisations, Validium have developed a range of interventions to enhance company performance. Each service is tailored for the organisation’s requirements. These specialised and cost-effective services include:

  • Mediation / Conflict Interventions
  • Change Management / Outplacement / Coaching
  • Resilience Building/Stress Management
  • Wellbeing interventions
  • Training

Validium's Training & Resilience Services

  • Mediation / Conflict Interventions – Independent 1:1 or group mediations to resolve disputes, investigations and proactive conflict management interventions.
  • Change Management / Outplacement / Coaching – Job search portal, onsite job shops, CV writing, workshops on job search techniques / skills, 1:1 coaching, managing change and pre-retirement workshops.
  • Resilience Building/Stress Management – Audits and risk assessment, policy/procedure guidance, developing resilience and stress management training
  • Wellbeing interventions – For enhancing health and engagement, these services include workshops (e.g. healthy eating, work / life balance, relaxation), onsite therapies (e.g. massage) and wellbeing days.
  • Training – Stress management, resilience, when home comes to work, change management, trauma management, human aspects of business continuity and managing distressed employees.

Case studies

case study

Training & Resilience

How our range of interventions have enhanced company performance

“The highly effective way Validium equipped our managers with the ability to support staff facing personal challenges is helping us to better manage mental health related sickness.”

Deehan Cooper, HR Business Operations Manager at Royal College of Nursing