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Find out how Nationwide went about creating a clear process to help employees exposed to a traumatic incident.

Staying healthy in a digital era

The extent to which technology now enables us to stay connected to work has been a good thing for many people – increasing their ability to work more creatively and flexibly – but for others it’s intensified work, giving rise to unhealthy working patterns, email addiction, decreased family connectedness, and increased stress and anxiety levels. Get the insights on the latest academic thinking on tackling technostress, read great case study from Oracle and find out how to avoid becoming 'anxiously attached' and stay healthy in a digital era.

Top Tips for developing Resilience during your Commute

Reframe the negative, time-wasting view of commuting into a more positive value added part of your day. Take control of your decision to commute in terms of it being part of a bigger strategy to do the job you want to do.

Choosing your EAP

The key to finding an effective EAP provider is about ensuring that the EAP works effectively in terms of service design, objectives and delivery methods and that these are compatible with the culture, needs, and priorities of the purchasing organisation.  This document provides you with key points to consider when choosing an EAP.

Boost Workplace Performance

In an ideal world, every employee would be able to leave their personal life at home and focus 100% on their job. The reality is that, whether it’s personal debt, divorce, care issues, workplace bullying or anxiety about managing others, employees distracted by worries or concerns cannot perform fully at work.

Committed to working in partnership with HR to measurably improve the value of people to the organisation, Validium can help you boost productivity by supporting your people with our Employee Assistance Programme (EAP). This provides employees with 24/7 confidential access to fully accredited counsellors and information specialists.

Optimise Vitality

The health and ability of your workers to attend and perform at work is one of your most important business drivers. It pays to energise workers and invest in their physical wellbeing, to motivate them to release their full potential.

Optimise Vitality leads to a more vitalised and productive workforce, reduced absence, and increased creativity. We will work with you to create a bespoke package for your organisation after consultation to understand your priorities and share benchmarking data to help you identify which health risks your organisation is at most risk of developing.

Minimise Workplace Absence

The Validium Group has the expertise to transform absent employees into productive workers. Long-term absence is a serious and expensive issue for employers.

Once an employee has been absent for six weeks, the chances of a return to work are halved, with feelings of isolation, depression and anxiety about going back often proving more debilitating than the original reason for absence.

Over half of all absent employees have been off work for more than six weeks.

Reduce Workplace Stress

The Validium Reduce Stress solution educates managers to recognise the signs that an employee is close to the limit of their ability to handle pressure and provides them with the knowledge and the skills to offer a supportive and co-operative response.

The aim isn’t to turn managers into counsellors, but instead to teach them how to identify people in need of help and direct them towards appropriate support, before the problem escalates. Managers quickly see the benefits of a proactive response to stress, for the organisation, for themselves, for their team, and for their individual team members.