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Are You Running On Empty

07 July 2020

Are You Running On Empty


Loneliness is the emotional response to a feeling of isolation. People can feel lonely even when surrounded by others, so experiencing loneliness may not always be the direct result of being alone. Up to one fifth of adults in the UK feel lonely most or all of the time. Evidence in the Government’s Loneliness Strategy shows that loneliness can be as bad for our health as smoking or obesity. Loneliness is also linked to illnesses such as heart disease, stroke and Alzheimer’s disease. If you are feeling lonely, the following strategies may be helpful or worthwhile:-

  • Think about what is making you lonely – being alone or not feeling understood 
  • Try to make new connections by reaching out and talking to people 
  • Remember to look after your own needs 
  • Find like-minded individuals to share hobbies with 
  • Keep busy – do what you enjoy but be open to trying new things and look out for local groups you can do them with 
  • Keep topped up with social activity to find the fuel to keep going