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Who cares for the carers?

05 February 2019

Who cares for the carers?


5th February 2019, Carers UK have released a new report on “Juggling work and unpaid care

One of the report’s key findings is that more than 600 people quit work to look after older and disabled relatives every day. The number of those juggling work and care appears to be far higher than previously thought – around 4.87 million (compared with 3 million in the Census 2011).  

Is there more that the work place can do to support working carers to stay in employment? 

A joint report between the Carers UK and Jo Cox Loneliness Campaign called “The world shrinks: Carer loneliness” suggests that employers could consider wellbeing strategies that foster a workplace culture where caring responsibilities are supported with carer friendly policies that actively encourage working carers to identify themselves and come forward for support. They applaud employers that host Carers Networks that enable carers to provide each other with peer to peer support. They go on to call for supportive managers who can listen to challenges and gives flexibility to manage working and caring. 

We at Validium have recently worked with a large building society who wanted to extend their wellbeing support for its employee carers. To this end, we have provided some personal resilience and sensitive conversation training for their key Carer Network team. Part of this training was designed to offer how to get alongside and support carer’s in their day to day challenges. We looked at a few self-care ideas that they could recommend to their carer colleagues;

Self-care tips for carers 

  • Get comfortable in “Saying NO”
  • Get comfortable in “Asking for help”
  • Offer help for what you want to do 
  • You can’t make everyone around you feel at ease 
  • Feeling a little guilty will not kill you
  • Don’t try to be perfect 
  • Try and find activities that will nourish you 
  • Be your own best friend and give yourself a break

For information on solutions tailored to supporting carers in the workplace, please email Karen Matovu, via [email protected].