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What could personal resilience training look like?

02 February 2016

What could personal resilience training look like?


Mental health issues received unprecedented levels of media, political and health service attention during 2015, and will continue to do so, not only into 2016, but for the foreseeable future.

The Health and Social Care Act 2012, secured explicit recognition from the Secretary of State for Health, to work towards ensuring 'parity of esteem' between physical and mental health, to ensure that people with mental health needs receive the same quality, education and quantity of services as those with physical health needs.

As a result there have been continuous calls for all areas of society to be better informed about how to support, care for and employ people with mental health issues.

And people living with mental health problems have a stronger voice in public debate than ever before, largely through social media. Mental health awareness needs to be a central part of any health and wellbeing agenda.

But it's a complex, fast-moving and highly emotional topic that needs continuous attention in the business world to ensure we are understanding the issues and following best practice in employment.

As part of the wellbeing agenda, workplace managers need to be confident and skilled in having discussions about mental health with the employees, because if you are an employee with mental health issues (and some 25% of the workforce will be affected at some point in their lives) the behaviour, understanding and support of your manager will make the difference between people performing well, achieving their potential and staying in work, or being victimised, miserable and absent.

The workplace has the potential to be both the cause of mental ill-health and part of the solution for helping people. Stressful, demanding and ever-changing workplaces create environments that require employees to be resilient, flexible, confident and self-aware.

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