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Validium Support Pilot Mediation Project

11 September 2015

Validium Support Pilot Mediation Project


Validium is always keen to enhance our services and participate in new initiatives which should have a positive impact on employees at work and on their families.

From September 2015, we are involved in an 18-month pilot to offer appropriate customer employees who are divorcing or separating the option of trying to reach agreements about finances and children through mediation rather than legal conflict. With research showing that between a third and half of adults are at risk of depression at the onset of separation & divorce - and that it can then take up to two years for mental distress levels to return to pre-separation levels - the issue has significant impact on the workplace. We see this project as a positive option for extending early stage intervention and reducing the risk of these negative impacts at work.

The pilot, run by Dialogue First, provides lawyer-supported access to professional mediation, initially in specific parts of the country (London, Manchester/Liverpool and Newcastle/the North-East). Appropriate separating or divorcing clients in these areas can be offered a free initial legal consultation with a law firm supportive of early mediation. Validium will then be working with Dialogue First, to monitor and evaluate client feedback and the effectiveness of this lawyer-supported mediation route.