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What is the new world of work doing to us physically and mentally?

19 October 2015

What is the new world of work doing to us physically and mentally?


An interesting blog post from Mandy Rutter, Head of Resilience and Trauma Management at psychological wellbeing consultancy Validium: “We need a debate on what the new world of work – all the post-recession pressures and digitally-driven change – is doing to us.

“This year’s World Mental Health Day [10 October] focuses on the issue of dignity, the importance of overcoming stigma and being able to live and work with a mental illness. It’s widely recognised that an essential part of improving mental health is being at work, its routines, the social contact and sense of normality. But the two issues of work and our psychological wellbeing are messily inter-related.

“The proportion of counselling cases through Validium’s Employee Assistance Programme involving some kind of mental health issue is high, and continues to grow higher – up from 94.16% in 2013 to 94.9% in 2015.

The number of counselling cases focused on a specific mental health problem has jumped sharply, from 15% in 2013 to 22.5% in 2015. “It’s good news that more employees are starting to admit mental health issues (whether that’s privately to an EAP or GP, or openly with an employer as per the latest CIPD stats, where two-fifths of firms said they’d seen an increase in staff reporting mental health issues).

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