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Are your employees ‘anxiously attached’ to their work emails?

22 July 2014

Are your employees ‘anxiously attached’ to their work emails?


We need decisive action to stop the slide into always on working, says Mandy Rutter

Ask your boss if you really need to take your work mobile on holiday and the likely answer will be, "oh well, no, it's a holiday. But it's up to you…".

Digital devices and 'always on' working have meant the biggest changes to working lives since the 1980s and the move to screen-based work. And the fact is, our psychological ability to differentiate between when we need to be connected and when we can switch off just hasn’t kept pace with the technological change.

In the meantime there's a culture of anxiety based on uncertainty about whether we should always be in touch, niggling insecurities over who does and doesn't pick up emails in the evenings and on holiday, grey areas over what's expected and what's just unreasonable and intrusive.

For too long, organisations have got away with being vague about the whole issue. They've benefited from all the extra time and effort without recognising the contribution or what the impact might actually be on the longer-term psychological wellbeing of their people.

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