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New Year Resolutions

14 January 2014

New Year Resolutions


After a festive break with friends and family enjoying good times in good company but with a little too much good food, I started the New Year, like millions of others, resolving to lose a bit (lot) of weight, get fitter in 2014 and trying to play at least one musical instrument well.  Setting my New Year resolutions made me wonder whether the internet could provide a  more interesting or inspiring plan for the months ahead, so on New Year’s Day while I was having a cup of coffee (and finishing off the last of the mince pies), I Googled ‘New Year Resolutions’. The search results offered a wide range of information and tips, along with Apps that could help me stick to my plan and adverts for products that would apparently make it easy for me to reach my goals … and quickly (and sometimes quite expensively)!

Especially amusing were the sites which listed “Top 10 New Year’s Resolutions” because many of the ideas were either very similar or completely contradictory so I made another cup of coffee and set about seeing what my resolution should be if I took two of the Top 10 lists and cancelled out the same or opposite suggestions:

Student 365

1.Quit bad habits

2.Fall in love

3.Lose weight/exercise more

4.Smile more

5.Give money to charity

6.Live within your means

7.Try something new

8.Clear out the clutter

9.Spend more time with family and friends

10.Be happy

1.Invent your own language

2.Stay exactly the same weight

3.Pledge to stay single for a year

4.Spend more money

5.Stay in the same job

6.Give up saying 'I don't make resolutions'

7.Work more

8.Accept the fact that life is messy and imperfect

9.Get better at something you are arleady quite good at

10.Take up drinking, or eating cheese and chocolate before bed


Comparing the excellent, sensible and very achievable Top 10 from Student365 and the Top 10 from which was, to be fair, billed as an ‘alternative’ list, I reckon the following ideas more or less cancel each other out:

Student365 number 1 & Metro number 10, also, 2 & 3; 3 & 2; 4 & 1; 5 & 4; 6 & 7; 7 & 9; 8 & 8

Which left me with my new resolutions for 2014: Be happy; spend more time with family and friends; stay in the same job and give up saying ‘I don’t make resolutions’!

However, I did find one resolution with the reason why that did make me smile: Vivian French, author of The Tiara Club, who has resolved to “Check my emails before pressing send! In 2013 I sent invitations where the date and day didn’t add up, messages ending ‘Loafs of love’, kisses to the bank manager, a letter to someone I was desperate to impress that began ‘Deaf Jon’, and corrections on a book that offered the suggestion that I’d edditted it all very carefilly”.


Wishing you a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year.