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Maintaining the balance

10 February 2014

Maintaining the balance


Having set myself a few New Year’s resolutions last month, I've been trying hard to stick to them, but to be honest, some are turning out to be harder to achieve than others. 'Be happy' has been pretty easy and 'spend more time with family and friends' has been quite good too – a dinner party for 14 people on Saturday evening helped considerably with that one.  My birthday last week provided the opportunity for a few days’ holiday, and, as usual, I did some work while we were away.  I thought I was sticking to my resolution because I didn't work every day, but others saw it differently so I will have to try harder.


My favourite resolution for 2014 was 'learn to play a musical instrument well' and while I did quite well in January, other priorities so far this month have pushed the practice sessions down the priority table. 


It led me to wonder how many of us start out with really great intentions but soon get overwhelmed with the daily grind.  I thought therefore I’d use this page this month as a reminder to us all not to give up on the importance of keeping a reasonable work-life balance (and that’s assuming that all of your resolutions were not about working even harder)!  Please don’t give up on trying to maintain this balance by doing something that’s just for yourself every month.