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Work - Life Balance

11 September 2013

Work - Life Balance


This is a subject that is written about a lot and perhaps rather an over-used term that can mean different things to each of us.

Those of us who work in the Employee Assistance industry should know better than most how important it is to try to maintain a good work-life balance.  However, just as I write this my wife, in searching for something else, picked out some ‘out of date’ flour from the back of the kitchen cupboard, reminding me that it was supposed to have been made into delicious home-made bread.  Of course, we never got round to making bread, even though it had seemed like such a good idea when we bought the flour from the supermarket a couple of years ago! It’s tempting to look around us and be envious of the apparently successful balance of work and life achieved by those close to us and to try to be ‘more like them’.  It would probably be more effective simply to try to do more of what you enjoy doing the most, including when you’re at work.  Just doing ‘non-work’ doesn’t necessarily imply good work-life balance – many hours of my last weekend were spent using a micro-drill to remove the centres of floating duck food pellets so they could be replaced with antibiotics for one of our slightly poorly pet ducks – not my ideal work-life balance choice – but at least it was something different!


In all the many writings on this subject there are several very appropriate quotes and one of my favourites comes with a dose of ‘dark humour’ from Rabbi Kuschner, who once said:


“In all my years of counselling those near death, I’ve yet to hear anyone say they wish they had spent more time at the office”


We just need to remember that work-life balance can mean different things to different people and there’s no standard rights or wrong ways – just try to do more of what makes you happy!