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Time flies

18 November 2013

Time flies


With Christmas only a few weeks away and work now focusing on activities for 2014, I recently caught myself wondering aloud, ”Where has the time gone? ”


I know I’m not alone in thinking that ‘time flies’ and, while I refuse to accept that it is a sign of getting older, it does seem that the weeks and months pass very quickly, especially in the world of work where there is constant pressure to look ahead, plan for the future, practice ‘horizon scanning’ and to ‘stay ahead of the curve’ (Sorry for the ‘business jargon’, but I was at a business conference last month and clearly at least some of what was said has rubbed off).  Obviously it’s not wise to dwell on the past or to constantly hanker for days gone by, as that would mean missing out on the new and the current, but it is also important not to lose sight of all the good things that have happened.  Memories of previous achievements can instil confidence to take on new challenges and focusing on past success is an effective psychological strategy for being successful in the future, so it’s a good idea to maintain a balance between remembering the good things from the past, whilst also looking forward to future opportunities – sorry if that sounds like more ‘management speak’!


But in all seriousness, this month I have been reflecting on the past year’s innovations and achievements, as well as planning for the months ahead and it has been a really useful and rewarding experience.


Much has changed over the past year, and Validium continues to evolve and grow.  Our clinical team, led by clinical director Dr Raymond Dempsey, has undertaken a full scale review of processes and procedures which has ensured that Validium remains at the forefront of clinical best-practice for EAP counselling, case management, trauma management and specialist psychological services.


Mandy Rutter has continued to develop the Trauma Support Team in order to provide immediate support in the event of an incident and, this year, the team has worked with organisations and individuals affected by many high profile incidents such as the London crane/helicopter incident, the North Sea helicopter ditching and the Algerian hostage crisis.


There were changes too within the Psychological Services and EAP Case Management departments, with Mark Hockley now heading up these teams which specialise in managing EAP interventions, reducing long term absence and dealing with other work-related psychological issues.


Elsewhere across the organisation, things have changed, improved or been made better by innovation and technology, including the implementation of a new Business Continuity Plan, further enhancements to the MI reporting function and the implementation of a secure ‘private cloud’ for our data storage and transmission needs.  Our new secure Video Conferencing system is already cutting the number of miles travelled and showing a positive impact on our environmental footprint – it also promises to provide a useful platform for long-distance therapeutic intervention.  Also this year, we have maintained our extensive suite of quality standards, while continuing to be the most quality-accredited EAP company worldwide.


Validium has been in demand in the press and our experts have written articles for well-known publications including Occupational Health, Health & Safety Matters, HR Zone, Employee Benefits, Management Today and the Huffington Post.


I have always been enormously proud of the people who work at Validium and, as a very people-centric organisation, we were all very sad when Anne Cross retired after over 10 years as our senior business support administrator – a big ‘thank you’ goes to her from all of us.  Overall though, 2013 has been a year full of celebrations including a handful of engagements and weddings, along with the arrival of baby Johnston four months ago.


So all-in-all, it has been another full but enjoyable year and I am genuinely looking forward to what 2014 might bring. But for now, did someone mention Christmas shopping….?!