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Must-haves Influencers can’t work without

10 June 2013

Must-haves Influencers can’t work without

When one of my colleagues passed me an article entitled, “See the must-have tool Richard Branson can’t work without”, she also asked, “What’s yours?!”

I must confess that the question took me aback slightly as I searched around for a quick, smart, Alan Sugar impressing, CEO-like, convincing response, while I quickly searched my pockets for something meaningful, coming up with only a Blackberry and a white hankie (nicely pressed, honestly)!  To answer, “Smartphone”, seemed just too obvious and I’m certainly not inspired by that any more, even though I would find it hard to do business as efficiently without one and its fabulous tech. 

Looking around my office, there were two essential tools that weren’t there a year ago, both of which became essential tools very quickly – I had my answer to the question!  An HD video conferencing system, from Radvision (part of Avaya), and an HD camera on my PC, from Microsoft, are both fantastic business tools.  As you might know from my earlier Blog entries, we’re proud of the company having achieved ISO 14001 Environmental Management certification and this helped us to cut down the travel between our offices as part of our continuous improvement programme.  Coupled with that, it helps our customers fulfil their Green Agendas by cutting out some of the travel impact of getting to meetings while still achieving the essential face to face time required by the top quality account management we’re well-known for.

However, the key reason the technology was purchased is still the key reason for it being such a ‘must-have’ tool – and that’s its ability to get people engaging with each other in a way that only being able to see someone’s face can achieve.  Facilitated by private networks and better availability of faster internet connections, it’s transformed the way teams work across our business.  Colleagues at all levels can use it and, if one of the larger video conferencing meeting room systems isn’t available, there are plenty of video-enabled PCs that can also be used – you can even access a ‘virtual meeting room’ from a smartphone or tablet device and multiple participants can join in from locations external to our offices.  The difference it’s made to colleagues who didn’t regularly see those with whom they regularly work has been particularly rewarding.  We’re excited by the potential it has to be a useful tool in a therapeutic setting, particularly for those who are too remote or housebound but who would benefit from or prefer a face to face intervention.

All in all it’s a brilliant invention, reminding us how important it is to try to see someone rather than using email, text, social media or phone.  It’s certainly the ‘must-have’ tool for me!

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