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How to beat Blue Monday

21 January 2013

How to beat Blue Monday

Blue Monday is here. The low point of the year: parties all over, money all spent, New Year's resolutions all broken. Here's a manager's guide to helping staff survive.

With the financial squeeze after the Christmas splurge and the stress of being back at work after the holidays, January is a pretty miserable month for many employees. Now, Blue Monday is upon us and more managers than usual are having to help their staff with personal or professional problems.

At Validium, we provide employee support and rehabilitation services for a range of organisations. We always see a spike in the number of calls around this time of year, and also more generally we've seen steep increases in the number of staff calling for help with mental health issues - up 70% from 2010 to 2012. The figures are evidence of the cumulative effect of the problems created by the recession.

What may have started as a normal sense of insecurity is then exacerbated by added pressures, be it changes at work or financial worries. Over time, this can turn into more serious mental health issues. And the January blues certainly don't help people already feeling under pressure.

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