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15 Years of Validium

13 August 2013

15 Years of Validium

This week we have been celebrating Validium’s 15th Anniversary.  When we started the company back in 1998, our aims were to become the most respected supplier in our industry, to be a great place to work and to be a great organisation to do business with.  Over the years, many things have changed and our organisation has definitely evolved, but I am proud of the fact that those key aims still underpin our approach to business and remain as core values against which we benchmark ourselves and our work.  The approach seems to have worked, as we’ve increased our turnover in all but one of our 15 years.

In the early days, with just a handful of people in our team, multi-tasking really was the norm and, since I was a bit of a technology fan, I found myself involved in yet another role as the Validium IT Manager!  From the beginning, we recognised that Validium needed the best systems and equipment so we had direct dial telephones and individual email addresses, which were the envy of some of our competitors in those days – even our mobile phones were not the ‘suitcase-sized’ models that provoke laughter nowadays.


In the intervening years, we have regularly upgraded and updated our technology capabilities, revolutionising the way we work.  Fast, fibre-optic video, telephony and data communication links between our data centre, offices and colleagues on the road mean closer team co-operation across the business, while state of the art private cloud technology has delivered the leading edge security that our customers expect.


The number of people who work at Validium has increased, while the sense of being part of a close, friendly team has remained. So too has our strong focus on clinical excellence, with new colleagues joining Validium adding ever greater levels of specialist knowledge.  


Periods of change are often also periods of opportunity and, as I have been reflecting on the past 15 years of running Validium, I have been reminded of how lucky we are to be part of such a successful operation.  Of course although hard work, sweat and, at times, a few tears have been involved in making Validium what it is today, I am proud of what we have achieved so far and excited by the unique opportunity we have to increase the value of the workforces we support – as well as being relieved that I no longer have to be the acting IT Manager!