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Mindfulness in the workplace

16 August 2012

Mindfulness in the workplace


With Team GB winning 29 Gold, 17 Silver and 19 Bronze medals at the London 2012 Olympics, there has been a lot of press coverage recently about how our top athletes have achieved such phenomenal success. Each personal story told of long hours of physical training, a diet designed for optimum nutritional intake and plenty of determination.

Watching on TV, it was obvious that at the start of each event, every athlete was totally focused on the moment, focussed on winning. We may not all be able to win Olympic medals, but recognise that by taking some physical exercise and eating a balanced diet, we too can be fit and healthy. We realise that our personal or professional goals can be achieved through hard work and determination. However few of us take the time to really focus on the moment. Often we find that parts of a familiar journey have been ‘lost’ because we just didn’t notice the passing scenery. Sometimes we need to re-read the same page of a book because we didn’t take it in the first time. In our Newsletter this month, we highlight the benefits of practising Mindfulness to help us focus on the moment. By becoming more aware of our thoughts and emotions we are able to better manage them rather than being overwhelmed by them. Our athletes showed that they were still able to focus on the moment despite the expectations of the nation resting on their shoulders, the pressure of a huge global event, the noise from the crowd, the elation of participating at the Olympics or the multitude of TV camera crews swarming around them. Practising Mindfulness techniques can help us cope with feelings of stress or anxiety, can enhance personal wellbeing, boost concentration and energy levels and enhance the sheer enjoyment of life