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2012 is a Great Year for British Sport and Sporting Events

23 July 2012

2012 is a Great Year for British Sport and Sporting Events


Okay, the football was not as successful as we would have liked but this was closely followed by an exciting Wimbledon, an eventful Grand Prix, some great golf at the Scottish Open and the Open, a Brit winning the Tour of France and now the Olympic and Paralympic Games fast approach.  Between 27th of July and 9th of September, London and other areas of the UK will receive over 1 million visitors to take part in, work at, or simply enjoy watching the games.  This is set to bring logistical challenges for many of us based around the various sporting venues.

At Validium, we have spent the last 3 months assessing all our business areas, processes and policies with a view to reducing any impact on our service delivery and quality standards.  As we provide Employee Assistance, Psychological Rehabilitation and Trauma Management services 24 hours, 365 days a year, business continuity is a vital part of our service delivery. As you might expect, and in line with our business continuity standard BS 25999, we have developed contingency plans to address any impact that we can foresee across the business.
We know that our customers will have implemented business continuity measures too and that this will be different depending on exactly where you are and what service you provide or goods you produce or manufacture.  It will also depend on how mobile your services are and the type of travel your employees will have to use.  Some companies will be able to be inventive in how to negotiate the crowds, manage the travel demands and contain the excitement that the Games are going to produce.  We’ve heard from customers whose employees have taken leave of absence to work at the Games, or those who are going on holiday to escape any disruption to their daily working lives.  Flexible working and homeworking are being actively encouraged in some businesses during this time and there may be more relaxed internet policies to allow those coming to work to feel a part of Team GB (or their individual country Teams) by logging on during breaks to cheer on their home nations.

However, for some businesses there may be the threat of enforced absences as employees find themselves stuck in traffic and, because of the nature of the business or not being electronically set up at home, they will be unable to be productive at this time.  While every precaution is being taken by the Games’ organisers and special routes and lanes for Olympic traffic are being trialled in advance, we just don’t know how it may all impact us until it actually happens. Let’s hope it is a great success and does Britain proud. 

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