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Validium to offer new conflict resolution solutions

24 November 2011

Validium to offer new conflict resolution solutions


The Validium Group is to offer an enhanced workplace conflict resolution service, following demand from customers for more help to prevent and resolve conflict.

Mike Shaw, Validium’s managing director, comments: “For a long time, we’ve been providing individuals with the emotional and practical support required to deal with conflict at work. As the number of cases has escalated, unmanaged conflict has become one of the most easily reduced costs in organisations today. As well as continuing to support those affected by conflict, we will now also be helping our HR clients to prevent that conflict from arising in the first place, by equipping managers with the necessary skills to spot and defuse tension.”

For those organisations where a conflict has already taken hold, Validium will now also be able to offer extensive mediation and investigation services – via its existing case managers and a nationwide network of over three hundred specialist mediation and conflict resolution consultants.

In summary, the workplace conflict solutions now offered by The Validium Group include:

  • Conflict prevention: people risk assessment, HR strategy, consultation and policy design
  • Conflict management: independent investigation, manager helplines and manager coaching
  • Conflict resolution: mediation services, mediation training and tribunal court reports

Shaw adds, “One of the most destructive consequences of workplace conflict is the level of resource and time needed to address each case. Employees spend an average 2.1 hours a week engaged in conflict, while over a quarter of HR professionals spend over 10% of their time dealing with the negative side effects. Even so, the majority of organisations still take a reactive rather than proactive approach. We’re looking to help many more organisations generate a measurable return by putting in place more proactive measures to prevent and resolve that conflict.”