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Retailers count the cost of London Riots

09 August 2011

Retailers count the cost of London Riots



HR implements disaster planning to assist employees.

Even if their workplace has been totally destroyed it is important for employees to assemble as a group rather than just being told to stay at home, according to Anne Payne, co-founder of employee assistance consultancy The Validium Group.

“If you don’t have the choice of another business unit elsewhere where people can be gainfully employed, the most appropriate thing is to gather people together somewhere else, a local hall or hotel perhaps, so that managers – and they are key in all this – can communicate the plan, demonstrate that they care and assess how people are feeling as a group. How managers respond in the immediate aftermath will have a real impact on the short and long term health of the employee,” she said.

It is important to keep tabs on employees who do not report to work in order to monitor any potential health problems or other difficulties – such as employees’ families being caught up in the trouble – that may keep them away from work in the weeks to come, she added.

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