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Employee Assistance European Forum 4th Annual Conference

15 June 2005

Employee Assistance European Forum 4th Annual Conference


Validium delivers 'How to Become a Successful EAP Counsellor' Workshop

Validium Director, Dr Wolfgang Seidl delivered a professional development workshop at this year’s Employee Assistance European Forum (EAEF), which took place in Helsinki, from 16 to 17 June 2005, providing an opportunity for Europe’s leading Employee Assistance (EA) professionals to share best practice within the industry.

Now in its fourth year, the EAEF provided a range of workshops and speakers to address the issues facing businesses in Europe and the role of Employee Assistance (EA) in adding value to the workplace.

Dr Wolfgang Seidl delivered an interactive workshop, ‘How to Become a Successful Employee Assistance Counsellor’, which aimed to highlight the special skills needed by EA counsellors. 

“Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) work can often pose a great challenge to counsellors and therapists, who are often used to clinical principles and procedures from different clinical settings,” said Dr Wolfgang Seidl, Director, Validium.

Dr Seidl’s workshop aimed to invite participants to openly discuss and ask questions they may have regarding EAP counselling.  It also sought to understand the organisational context of counselling, as well as shed light on assessment and referral skills.  The workshop also identified the role of case managers and explored methods for the evaluation of workplace counselling.

The broader context of the EAEF conference focused on ‘Making a Difference to Performance’, which endeavours to address the issues facing businesses in Europe and the role of EAP’s in adding value to the workplace.  Furthermore, it explored issues such as where an EAP fits into an organisation’s social responsibility strategy and how serious the EU is about tackling stress in the workplace or stress related absenteeism.

“The EAEF provides an excellent opportunity for counsellors and practioners alike to understand more fully how to position EAP’s within a working environment and the real difference that these can make not just to the performance within a single organisation, but the organisational culture in Europe,” commented Dr Seidl.

The EAEF conference took place from 16 to 17 June at the award winning Stakes House, which is situated at the Sornainen waterfront area in Helsinki.