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  • Clinical Expertise
    Clinical Expertise

    "Validium’s clinical expertise has brought about a demonstrable decrease
    in the time taken to rehabilitate absent employees." - Zurich Insurance

  • Measurable Impact
    Measurable Impact

    After completing the workshops, employees feel empowered to make 

    profound changes to their lives to increase their emotional health. - Oracle UK Ltd


  • Partnership Working
    Partnership Working
  • Quality Service
    Quality Service

    "The quality of the Validium EAP enabled us to reduce absence and gain
    recognition as a Sunday Times Best Place to Work." - Royal College of Nursing

Whether you want to minimise stress, reduce absence, manage trauma or address a specific workplace issue, our clinical expertise and flexible approach means we can deliver a quality service that will increase the value of your workforce. Our services include…


Healthy Responses To Stress

Tuesday, 05 November 2019

We have all experienced stress at some point in our lives, be it exam pressure, giving a speech or being stuck in a traffic jam before an appointment. The stress response is the body’s unconscious “Fi…


The Secret To Keeping Stress Levels Positive

Tuesday, 05 November 2019

It might sound like a contradiction in terms to use the words ‘stress’ and ‘positive’ in the same sentence. Surely there’s nothing good about feeling stressed? Shouldn’t we be trying to avoid getting …

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Reduce Workplace Stress

The Validium Reduce Stress solution educates managers to recognise the signs that an employee is close to the limit of their ability to handle pressure and provides them with the knowledge and the sk…